Health Ranger launches kid-friendly Turmeric Gummy Bears made with 100% USA-grown Turmeric

By now most people have heard of the amazing health-boosting properties of turmeric, but here in the West it’s not such a commonly used spice – at least compared to its fundamental role in many Asian and Pacific cuisines.

Turmeric adds color and a distinctive flavor to food – it’s a versatile spice that can be used in soups, curries, rice, meat dishes and more – but for some people, its potent aftertaste can be a bit overwhelming.

That’s why Health Ranger Mike Adams has introduced a product that enables you to receive all the health benefits of high-quality, naturally-grown Hawaiian turmeric without the strong aftertaste.

Health Ranger Select Hawaiian Turmeric Gummy Bears provide a tasty way to boost your health with a convenient and delicious snack food – two gummy bears deliver 100 mg of the finest turmeric available in a bite-sized format that even kids will love.

The Health Ranger says:

“Our Turmeric Gummy Bears are incredibly delicious, yet packed with all the phytonutrients that make turmeric such a powerful healing spice. Even children love these gummy bears, and adults are enjoying them for their nutrition!”

Turmeric’s value as a spice and health-boosting agent has been known for centuries. The yellow root – a botanical relative to ginger – is usually dried and ground into a powder and used in the curries, satays and other dishes common to the Pacific Islands and Southern Asia, where the plant grows wild and is also cultivated.

Turmeric is one of the most-researched plants in botanical medicine and recent studies have revealed even more beneficial therapeutic properties. Many of turmeric’s health benefits are associated with curcumin, one of the most active compounds found in the root. Scientific research has shown that turmeric supports many important functions in human biology. (Visit and search for “turmeric” to explore more.)


“The most widely studied medicinal constituents of turmeric are known as curcuminoids, which are present in the orange root-stem part known as the rhizome. Curcumin is the most active of these curcuminoids.”

Some studies have indicated that turmeric provides the most health benefits when used as a spice or eaten along with meals. It is believed that because curcumin is fat-soluble, it is most effectively absorbed by the body when eaten in combination with other healthy fats. Health Ranger Select Turmeric Gummy Bears offer an easy way to combine turmeric with meals.

Unfortunately, many available turmeric products are either low-quality or highly-processed. Many turmeric supplements contain unnecessary fillers and artificial colors – some turmeric products have been found to contain such high levels of lead that the FDA forced their makers to recall them.

Health Ranger Select Turmeric Gummy Bears have been thoroughly lab tested for heavy metals and other contaminants. The turmeric used in the gummy bears is grown in Hawaii, not India or China.

Health Ranger Store all-natural turmeric products contain no fillers, preservatives, GMO ingredients, gelatin, gluten, soy, dairy or chemical sweeteners.

Grown all-naturally in Hawaii, the turmeric used in Health Ranger Select Turmeric Gummy Bears is shipped to the U.S. mainland where it is carefully lab-tested and formulated into a 100% all-American product you can trust – and one the whole family is sure to love.

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