Flu Vaccine virtually worthless in people 65 years and older last winter: Here’s what you can do instead

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) admits yet again that last year’s flu vaccine failed to protect the most vulnerable among us. Flu-related hospitalizations were at an all time high in the winter of 2016-2017 for adults 65 and older. The CDC reports that last year’s flu vaccine was roughly 42 percent effective overall for preventing the kind of serious illness that leads to doctor’s visits and hospitalizations. Worse yet, the CDC confessed that last year’s shot was essentially ineffective for the group of people who are hit hardest by the flu – those 65 and older. The winter was dominated by flu strain, Type A H3N2, which seems to cause more serious illness and death than other flu strains. Even though the vaccine was well matched with the flu strains going around last year, it was a total failure.

The first mistake the medical establishment makes is assuming that it’s the flu shot that keeps people from going to the doctor or the hospital. Health officials never investigate exactly what keeps people healthy, what their habits are, and why some people prevent and overcome countless illnesses every year (without vaccine augmentation). Even the low 42 percent “effectiveness” of the flu vaccine is an exaggeration of prevention, a deflection from what truly matters when it comes to immunity. This number itself is a misguided assumption that the flu vaccine is why people aren’t seeing doctors in the first place.

The second mistake the medical establishment makes is believing that vaccine science will somehow eradicate nature’s microbial terrain. Microbes, virus, and fungi are part of the natural world. Medical professionals should be teaching individuals how to best adapt to this environment instead of pretending that they can somehow eradicate it from existence. Vaccine augmentation, like antibiotics, only excites mutation of pathogens. Notice that, in modern medical terms, the names of the illnesses change, but the symptoms of sicknesses are similar nonetheless, depending on where the infection lies. Nothing is ever eradicated; sickness is only exacerbated by our attempts to control it.

Strengthen the terrain of the human body, improve cellular conditions, and fear not. Micro-organisms outside the body are not the primary cause of infection, as proposed by Louis Pasteur’s germ theory. The deterioration of the host body and the suppression of cellular environments attracts disease and is the primary cause of sickness.

A third mistake the medical establishment makes is somehow thinking that a mercury-laden injection will somehow enhance a body’s immunity and strengthen its terrain. Mercury, measured at 51 ppm in the flu shot, is a violent toxin that weakens a person terrain. Relying on dirty, toxic vaccines will only continue the degradation of the human body and increase conditions for sickness in the world.

Strengthen the terrain and the cellular environment for improved immunity

What really helps during cold and flu season is maintaining good health through natural supplements and a diet of organic, all natural ingredients. Healthy individuals know how to prevent or overcome severe illness right in their own homes.

Here are just a few examples of natural ingredients you can keep stock of in your home to be better prepared for illness defense:

— Colloidal silver is a palatable antibiotic that doesn’t excite microbial resistance.

— Raw Manuka honey is an incredible full-spectrum antimicrobial that assists the body during any infection.

— Adaptogens such as schizandra berry, Eleutherococcus root and astragalus root enhance the humoral immune response when the body is under attack.

— Nutrient-dense algae such as spirulina and chlorella replenish the cells with the nourishment they need to overcome any invasion.

— Spices such as turmeric and ginger help reduce inflammation, thinning mucus, allowing for quicker recuperation.

— The herb feverfew helps make a fever more productive, allowing the body to respond more properly against invading pathogens.

— Goldenseal and elderberry contain strong anti-viral compounds.

— Mullein herb and marshmallow root help soothe mucous membranes, assisting the body’s natural response.

It’s the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats that work together to establish a cellular environment that is creating efficient energy cycles for true immunity, not harmful and ineffective vaccines.












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