“You’re just getting old” – says every U.S. medical doctor who wants to convince patients they need chemical medications for every “symptom” of aging

Here are some typical lies told by the “managers” of the sick-care-industrial-complex of America. You’re getting shorter because you’re getting old. Your heart gets weaker as you get into the later years of life. Losing some of your memory is only natural if you’re a senior citizen. Bad posture is a normal part of the aging process. Arthritis and osteoporosis come with aging, but we have several prescription medications to quell the pain. Vision and hearing loss are common for elderly folks because your senses dull and naturally become impaired with old age. Your health problems are all genetic, but we can manage the symptoms and pain with medications. Heard enough?

Inside look at top 10 reasons elderly Americans have “common” health issues, and why nobody needs prescription medications for “aging”

  1. Sodium fluoride in U.S. municipal tap water
  2. Eating animal fat and canola oil daily for decades
  3. Taking chemical-based, lab-made prescription medications for years
  4. Getting heavy-metal toxin-laced flu shots and vaccines for decades
  5. Taking an aspirin-a-day for years
  6. Consuming the wrong, cheap, corporate-made supplements daily, including calcium supplements
  7. Taking blood thinners for years on end
  8. Becoming and staying obese
  9. Being malnourished due to conventional and genetically modified foods
  10. Bad posture for decades cuts off oxygen and nutrient supplies to the brain

Obesity, diabetes II, cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, osteoporosis, and heart disease are all preventable, but not with medications

Are you overweight, hunched over, aching constantly, confused, and staring at a handful of prescription pills that are all prescribed to address the side effects caused by these conditions? The only way to have “Universal Healthcare” in the USA is to tax all the working folks at around 75 percent, thus raising about $20 trillion to spend on the 100 million Americans who have eaten poorly for decades and are wrongly medicated for all their health issues, including diseases and disorders, that have grown from that negligence.

Welcome to America, home of toxic meat, milk, and tap water. Most of the elderly people living in the U.S. today have spent their last 30 years consuming genetically modified corn and soy that’s laced with pesticides that fuel chronic inflammation, cancer, and dementia. The majority of American meat and dairy comes from CAFOs where animals are abused, live in their own feces, and are shot up with hormones and antibiotics daily. Those animals are also fed GMOs, so their flesh and by-products provide a double dose of poison.

Experiencing brittle bones, hip fractures, arthritis and dementia?

The fluoride dripped in America’s tap water is an insecticide, a drug, and a chemical compound that destroys bone mass, deteriorates the discs in your spine and neck, and in the long run, makes you shorter and less intelligent (lowers your IQ). Fluoride can also fuel prostate cancer and bladder cancer. This is all scientifically proven by mountains of research. Americans load up for years on the wrong kind of calcium too, including the kind from dairy products and cheap supplements. That calcium is then pulled from the body (as a defense mechanism) and formed into kidney and gall stones. No medical doctors ever warn their patients of this, especially the elderly.

For years, the Big Food industry has lied to Americans and called canola oil “heart healthy,” when it does the complete opposite. Canola oil coagulates and clogs the blood, causing heart disease, weight gain, and dementia. How many of our suffering senior citizens have used canola oil exclusively for decades, because it’s cheap and they were conned by Big Food?

Once U.S. medical doctors put a person on blood thinners, beta blockers, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications (think SSRIs), cholesterol prescriptions, opioid-based painkillers, or the great liver-destroying hoax of “a-baby-aspirin-a-day,” they usually never let the patient off those crippling, debilitating meds again. It’s all about fear tactics, telling folks to manage their symptoms, and that it’s all just part of the “normal aging process,” even though that’s one of the most insidious lies ever perpetrated on the masses.

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